Short-Term Commitment, Long-Term Benefits

Allow your company the benefits of trying a candidate out in the workplace firsthand before the obligation to extend a contractual offer. Want that flexibility? We want you to have it, too.

We’re experts in staffing, but you’re the expert of your own field; some industries benefit most from seeing their candidate on-site and in the work field due to intricacies, variances of work operations, or management skills otherwise not displayed fully through a written and verbalized interview process. Our temp-to-hire offers you that ability to bring on fully qualified workers and see for yourself their abilities before the need to sign long term.

The Benefits of Temp-to-Hire

  • Non Commitment to Full Time Hires: Clients gets the opportunity to check if the candidate fits the role and the culture of the clients prior to committing to hire the candidate as a full time employee.
  • No commitment to continued employment – during the temp phase the clients can terminate the contract due to non-performance without any liability or commitment for continued employment.
  • Finding the right fit – the temp phase allows the clients to confirm that the candidate is the right fit for the role.
  • No fee after 6 months – ARAZ Systems will not charge a placement fee to the clients if the clients converts the contractor to a full time employee after 6 months from date of start.

Socio-Economic Certifications