Hardware as a Service

Tired of old technology but afraid of the cost?
Ask about Hardware as a Service.

Bring some predictability to your IT costs.

What Is HaaS?

If your business has been around for five to ten years most likely you have an area, maybe it is an unused corner of your data center or a seldom-used closet, that is full of old technology like webcams, wired mouses, broken keyboards, and old laptops, the technology that once served an important purpose. This collection of discarded inventory grows as technology changes and as your company purchases new equipment every few years. This act of storing old technology gets expensive and IT service providers have developed a managed solution. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) takes the expense and hassle out of buying new equipment, every aspect of your hardware is covered through a monthly fee. Solve your hardware issues once and for all. Leave the investment, maintenance, and expenditures to ARAZ Systems.

Why Consider HaaS?

No initial investment – You get all new equipment without an enormous initial expense.
Scalability – As with most manages solutions, HaaS gives the right amount of computers and other hardware depending on your workforce and its needs. When you add staff, a simple phone call will get them set up with new equipment immediately.
No inventory hassles – Your IT company maintains an inventory of your equipment and know what user is assigned to what pieces of equipment.
No capital costs – The money you spend on your hardware is counted as an expense, not a capital investment allowing you to add it to your tax deductions.
Keep up with technology – You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues or faltering hardware. HaaS keeps you current with the latest hardware, meaning you no longer need to hang on to old equipment to justify capital costs.
Instant hardware support – ARAZ Systems will handle all ongoing maintenance and support of your equipment.
Instant implementation – HaaS can be implemented at any time, so you don’t need to wait for your existing equipment to become obsolete.
ARAZ Systems will help you find the right hardware solution for your business. If your industry requires constant technology updates, if you are going to experience exponential growth, or if you are just tired of spending large amounts of capital to stay current with the best possible technology, call ARAZ Systems for a consultation.


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