Securely solving your IT asset disposition needs is our ITAD team’s main priority. Araz Systems brings the best solutions in strategizing a plan for your company. Any retired equipment will be responsibly washed of data, cleaned, and disposed of in a risk-mitigating manner. Don’t let your old infrastructure bring you new problems—we’re here to solve that.

ITAD services and guarantees

• Acquisition and removal of IT hardware
• Audit of assets including data tech
• Plan and manage the asset retirement process
• Data destruction
• Sanitization of on/off-site media
• Tech e-cyling
• Risk reduction processes
• Regulations compliance

The end of your hardware isn’t quite the end after all, we know the ins and outs of following through with the proper solutions to bring you to a place where your new IT-tech and infrastructure is safe from the weaknesses of the old. Araz Systems focuses on the ITAD processes for you—you can focus on the rest.

Process Management

Araz Systems brings ITAD professionals to you, helping you in the process of restructuring and streamlining obsolete data-bearing tech within your infrastructure. We’ll help in responsibly handling and disposing of the wanted assets with the assurance of industry compliance  standards.

When it comes to diminishing your products and replacing them, ITAD is a strictly regulated field where our experts help navigate it with ease. While many others may offer too-good-to-be-true pricings, we offer a premium service that cuts no corners; data breaches and security risks in the field aren’t only your concern, they’re ours too. With us, you’ll have security assurance that every step is followed through with your best interest in mind.
Global, federal, national, and even state regulations all come into play when looking at options for ITAD processes—and Araz Systems works alongside those in order to bring the most efficient ITAD navigation through regulatory guidelines. Cyber-theft is a challenge every company faces in these times, and we are prepared and able to take the lead for you in securely disposing of tech-obsoletions without sacrificing security.

At Araz Systems, our Process Management solutions team is dedicated to continuing to help companies large and small. When it comes to e-cycling and data sanitation, we want to know you feel as confident as we do. Talk to an expert within our team today, become stronger and safer tomorrow.

Specialized Services

Araz Systems provides a wide array of specialized services beyond the scope of just IT Asset Disposition. We bring modernized solutions to help your company’s ROI grow. Our team of specialists will work with you to develop plans and manage them through for you to see the growth you need.

Within our client relations, we strive to give each company a uniquely developed plan for the various challenges that come; whether you are facing employee restaffing issues, reallocating hardware assets, alternating to new IT procedures, or even accounting revisions, Araz Systems’ teams of experts is committed to guiding you through pitfalls so you still end on top.

Take our Specialized Services when you feel an extra hand would help. We’ll bring you the experts in organizing both short-term and long-term goals throughout the obstacles you face.

Specialized Services

• ITAD strategy implementation
• Inventory Physical Audits / Barcode Tagging
• Decommissioning
• Moves & De-installations
• End of Lease Programs
• Cabling Disconnect / Reconnect
• Reverse Logistics
• Temporary Warehousing
• Manufacturer Trade-ins
• Sourcing of hardware parts
• Local / Remote project management
• Consignment, Resale, and Asset Value Recovery


Socio-Economic Certifications